Keeping It Simple

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small ovalThe Practice

James Smith, Chartered Accountant is a small practice based in West Hanney, Wantage, close to Oxford.

Our principal James Smith, as pictured looking very young when we started out in early 2003, originally trained with KPMG back in 1995 and has since worked in industry in a variety of roles before commencing his own accounting practice. James is a published author writing tax and small business books including Keeping It Simple.


small ovalOur Values

There are three general complaints about accountants, their fees, their service and lack of business acumen. This is what our Principle James Smith has to say on these three key matters.

1. Fees. "My Accountant billed me for a phone call" or "The fees are unjustified"

"Wherever possible I agree fixed fees in advance before the commencement of any work. I don't generally work on an hourly fee basis, and I certainly don't set a stopwatch when you call or email. We don't compete for work on price but for the quality of service provided and we present very good value for money. My current charge out rate is actually lower than it was as an unqualified accountant at KPMG.

2. Service "I cant ever get hold of my accountant". "My books are completed by the office Junior "

"The contact phone numbers advertised go directly to my desk rather than hiding behind my assistant. I answer all emails personally, and I aim to respond to all queries on the same day. I am often able to respond to emails within the hour. Although I do use some unqualified assistance for routine paperwork and bookkeeping, anything technical is completed by me personally, and nothing leaves my office without my personal approval."

3. Advice "My accountant doesn't seem to really comprehend the real world of business"

I originally trained with KPMG one of the "big 4" largest practices in the UK. I then spent 5 years in industry in a variety of accounting and management roles where I learnt a great deal about "real" businesses. Coming back into practice has opened my eyes to the fact that many people in my profession have unfortunately never worked outside of an accounting practice and focus very narrowly on accounting issues. I believe this can give a somewhat skewed idea of the pressures that exist outside of professional practice. By having fully experienced both sides I believe I can offer a better quality of advice to the business owner.


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