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Business Taxation - Start Ups

small ovalPhilosophy

Starting up in business can be as daunting as it can be exciting. Time and time again we see that businesses only engage professional help when the tax returns are due, and therefore at best, miss opportunities to save money during the year by arranging their affairs in a tax efficient manner. At worst, many fail to comply with all the regulations and face fines and penalties.

The reason for the delay? People quite understandably feel they cannot afford to spend their limited start up fees on good advice.

Our philosophy is therefore to encourage small business by offering assistance right when you need it most, when things are being planned and things are starting to happen. A number of Independent studies have shown that accountants are consistently the most trusted business advisor to small businesses.

small ovalFree Consultation

Firstly we offer a free phone consultation to get your business off to a good start. We can assist you in a wide range of things in terms of who to speak to and where to go for more help, not just about your tax.

Sometimes a fee will apply if you need some time consuming work completed, but in the majority of cases we are able to send you off in the right direction over the telephone, and be available for ongoing contact during the year.

small ovalStandard Fees

Standard fees for tax returns are generally billed at the end of the year on completion, and we try to keep these down in the first year. Please see the fees section for more details.

You may like to review our top tips, which include links to some useful forums containing more help for the new business.

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Top Tips

small ovalYour Records

bullet Expenditure. List what it was for, the date, the amount and keep the receipt. You certainly wont remember everything at the year end.
bullet Incomes. Keep a good receipt book, or list of income.

If you are stuck on how to lay out your accounts, then please ask for one of a range of FREE Excel workbooks. Simply get in contact with an email with a few lines about your businesses. We also have a range of paid for books to help in particular circumstances.

bullet If using your Private car for business. Record the date, where you went, how many miles travelled and the purpose of the trip. You can claim up to 45p a mile.
bullet Separate your private affairs from your business by opening a business bank account. The "free banking for ever" account offered by Santander is ideal for a small start up business, so long as you keep within the transaction limits.

small ovalGeneral Advice and Support

bullet Your local Business Link offers a free meeting and heavily discounted training days.
bullet Shell Live Wire Community is a place for under 30's (or anyone really) with some comprehensive guides to getting going and a strong forum.
bullet Start-ups forum is another good community with a strong members forum.

Our principle is a regular poster on both of the above forums which are a source of great tips for small businesses.

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