Keeping It Simple

This plain-English book tells you everything you need to know about small business, bookkeeping, cashflow, VAT, tax returns and more.....Click here

"The book really is an excellent guide for any startup or SME" - Alex Bellinger, Editor of the SmallBizPod Blog

"5 out of 5" Brilliant Business Books


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In this section is a virtual tax bookshop in conjunction with leading internet publishers Tax Cafe.

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bulletSmall Business Bookkeeping, Self-Assessment & VAT

bulletSaving Property Tax

bulletPlanning a Successful Business

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Recommended Titles

small ovalKeeping It Simple

Small Business Bookkeeping, Self-Assessment & VAT

This plain-English guide now in its 11th edition tells you everything you need to know about small business bookkeeping, cashflow, accounting, tax returns and VAT. Click here

Some reviews (covers may vary)

"The book really is an excellent guide for any startup or SME" - Alex Bellinger, SmallBizPod Blog.

"I never thought I'd find myself getting excited over a book about keeping accounts but this is definitely a book to get excited about." 5/5 Brilliant Business Books

Our Principal says "Ok hands up, I wrote this book although its not my picture on the front! This book has been written as a companion for the small business owner to guide you through many of the complexities of compiling your own accounts and help you complete both your VAT and self assessment tax returns.

As an accountant dealing with owner managed businesses on a day to day basis, I tend to be regularly asked the same sorts of questions by clients who tend to also quite regularly be unable to afford to pay for my time to help them properly. Unable to find anything suitable in print, a few years ago I compiled a serious of short guides on important topics which answer most of the common questions new businesses face. With the help of Tax Café these original popular ebook guides have been transformed to become this book, now in its 5th year, which is an essential companion of resources for you to draw on, not only in the first year, but over several years as you expand your business." More detail....


small ovalHow to Save Property Tax

This unique and best selling guide is jam packed with advice that will save you thousands in income tax and capital gains tax. Click here


Our Principal says "well I didn't write this one, but I really wish I had. This book is great background for anyone contemplating or involved in property investment. I quite regularly recommend my property owning clients obtain a copy as background reading before helping them with their tax planning. I've actually been known to dip into it myself now and again to refresh my memory on a topic as it's a lot easier reading than my normal sources!" More details....

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We still have one remaining ebook available to you on business planning. Feedback has been excellent for these guides and many people have commented on how much time and effort they have saved using them.

small oval How to...Plan a Successful New Business

Now only £5.99

Everyone is told to write a business plan before they start, but how on earth of you actually go about it? How do you turn your idea into something real? How do you know if it will work out? How do you know if you will make a million or lose a million? If this sound like you, then this guide is for you......more


small ovalEbooks Feedback

Feedback on the guides has been overwhelmingly positive. Here are just a few of the kind things people have taken the time out to say:

"jam packed full of useful info, definitely use again 100% quality information"

"Absolutely first class product .. better than described .."

"Have got ebook now and have had a quick look through it. Absolutely fantastic. Feel it was written just for me because it addresses in language I can understand things that i have been unsure of. Further study might even mean we don't go to prison just yet because i keep putting off doing the books! money well spent. Thank you"

"Great e book! Quick response. Would do business with again. Thanks!"

"Had a quick look at ebook & appears very useful - thanks."


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