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eCommerce and Technology

Unlike most high street accountants we have considerable experience of working with technology clients which means you don't need to explain to us the basics of your business, instead we should be able to offer you relevant suggestions and insights into how to make improvements to your business from the start.

Advertising and Affiliate Models


Webdevelopment, SEO and other services

Software Development

Other Areas

small ovalAdvertising and Affiliate Models

Our clients have advertising models that generate income from various sources, whether it is click through advertising, sponsorship or straight forward sales commissions. Yes we do know who Commission Junction is and why you may have 5,000 domains. What is more we can help you practically by making relevant suggestions about how to make better use of what you have got by understanding the industry and current trends.

small ovaleCommerce

We can advise both new start-ups who have an idea but don't quite know where to start, and those firms that have been running for a while but are fed up that their accountant didn't know you could integrate your shopping cart software into your accounting package, let alone how to do it, and failed miserably when discussing the merits of Worldpay vs Protx.

We have clients with all sizes of business from those sitting under the VAT threshold all transacted in the bedroom to highly automated sites who are serious players in their chosen markets.

small ovalWeb development, SEO and other services

We understand the specific requirements and pressures involved in offering services for the net "on the net". After all I imagine you probably didn't find this site from the yellow pages. For example we are aware of how typical payment contracts in web development are put together and business models that work for both attracting and delivering work to end clients in a low risk and flexible manner.

small ovalSoftware Development

We can provide valuable support in this area through our knowledge of R&D tax credits which can provide in effect "free money" from the government. This is especially useful if you are in the early stages as you can receive cash payments towards your R&D activity to aid your cash flow.

small ovalOther Areas

We also have clients doing all sorts of odd things, many of them wouldn't be thanked for sharing their details publicly, but this includes areas such as domain purchase/resale which means for example we are well versed in how to treat such domains for tax purposes even if the taxman hasn't thought it through yet themselves.

If any of this sounds like your business and you would like to use a professional who understands your needs then please do get in contact and we will be pleased to help.


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