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Overseas Issues

-Leaving the UK

-Returning to the UK

Leaving the UK

small ovalLeaving

If you are leaving the UK, perhaps on a temporary work placement for 6 months, perhaps you are emigrating permanently there are considerations to make.

Firstly we will need to establish if you will actually lose you residency in the UK. If you do lose your residency in any given tax year you may be eligible for a partial rebate as you are still entitled to your full years tax allowances in the year of departure. This can prove a useful bonus on your exit.

small ovalPaperwork

We can assist you by arranging your exit papers, advising on your tax position and securing any rebates due to you. We work on a fixed fee basis for this sort of work, so you will know how much everything will cost prior to the work commencing.

small ovalOverseas Landlords

It is very common for persons emigrating or leaving for work purposes to rent out their UK property. You may be surprised to learn that this is still taxable in the UK, and if you fail to register with the Non-Residents Landlords Scheme, your letting agent is obliged to deduct 22% of the gross rentals.

However because you are still eligible for a full personal allowances quite often little taxable income will arise. We can register you for the Non-Residents Landlords scheme and arrange all the necessary tax returns, liaising directly with your letting agent if required. By getting your affairs in order you avoid having tax deducted and any worries of an investigation if you return to the UK.

small ovalCompetitive Fees

Sounds expensive? By doing this sort of thing regularly, fees are kept low. Please ask for a quotation for your circumstances.


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small ovalReturning to the UK

As an expatriate considering returning to the UK after some time abroad we can assist you in a number of ways.

Most importantly from a financial point of view is to ensure the timing of your return to the UK does not compromise any tax advantages that you have due to your non-resident status. For example you may be able to dispose of property free of UK CGT if you have been non resident for four complete tax years. Missing such opportunities can be costly.

Other general parts of our service include:

bullet Establishing exactly when your residence will restart
bullet Getting up to date on any missing tax returns
bullet Completing your re-entry forms
bullet Advising on and arranging any tax rebates due after the first tax year in the country

By taking some professional advice prior to your return you can ensure your return to the UK is smooth, and the tax man brings no surprises.

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