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Voluntary Declarations

If you are in the position of having failed to declare your income, making a voluntary declaration will put you in a far stronger position in negotiations with the HM Revenue & Customs than being caught with undeclared income.

Typical situations are:

bullet Higher tax payers not receiving a tax return, and having missed the deadlines.
bullet Undeclared rental incomes.
bullet The "hobby" income that has grown into a business.
bullet Undeclared capital gains on disposal of property.

small ovalReduce the Stress

By making the declaration you can not only reduce the stress of the uncertainty of the outcome of your position, but the sooner you make the declaration the lower your likely liability to any fines and interest, and the lower your chance of being caught and facing a full investigation.

By having your returns professionally completed you will ensure that all the allowable deductions have been made, and therefore your liability is minimised.

Where possible we will negotiate on your behalf with the HM Revenue & Customs to reduce any penalties and interest added to your account.

We offer a fixed fee basis for this type of work, and the cost of this service can be surprisingly economical, and often lower than the actual individual cost of the returns.

If you need to make a voluntary declaration, please get in contact for a free consultation to discuss your position.


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